Australian Mayor Fined For Drinking In Street During Lockdown

A mayor in Victoria, Australia, has been fined for breaching social distancing rules and drinking in the street.

One aspect of coronavirus is how it seems to be a great leveller. Everybody, from the ordinary person to the rich and powerful, finds themselves in the same situation. They have to follow the rules just like everybody else. However, the news a powerful politician in the state of Victoria, Australia, has received a fine for breaking lockdown restrictions has brought this to the fore.

Australian drinking in streetTony Herbert, the mayor of the city of Warrnambool, was pictured flouting coronavirus restrictions by drinking alcohol in the street. He was even standing next to his mayoral vehicle. A passer-by photographed the mayor standing outside his hotel with three people while drinking a beer. Ironically, this came only hours after he recorded a video advising residents to stay at home.

Mr Herbert said sorry for what he did, maintaining he was engaging in important mayoral business when speaking with those three people outside. However, all four were fined by the police for breaking lockdown rules enforced by local medical authorities. The mayor was fined for disobeying social-distancing provisions put in place to try and stop the spread and transmission of Covid-19. The mayor was ordered by to pay Victoria Police 1,652 Australian dollars, the equivariant of £837 in UK poiunds, a source of great embarrassment for the local politician.

Lockdown Rules

In its attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus, Australia, like so many other counties, has forced non-essential businesses to close. They have also  shut off orders and laid off staff. The general population are being advised not to step out their door. Registered and licensed clubs, pubs, casinos, hotels and nightclubs are currently closed. Millions of people in Australia are unable to go out or socialise with their friends and family. This has been something of an upheaval but they are trying to make the best of it. At the very least, they expect their elected officials to obey the rules that they are setting out for others.

So news that a mayor has been fined for breaking lockdown rules has been a source of great controversy. For many, it highlights how some people are flouting restrictions. Others are examining their relationship with alcohol during the coronavirus outbreak.

There has also been a reported dramatic increase in domestic drinking around the world. This is probably due to pubs, bars and clubs being closed because of coronavirus.

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