Kirsty Foreman

Recovery worker

Qualifications and experience

Kirsty has a varied work background starting her career in finance and accounting. Kirsty has always been passionate about caring for people and making a difference, which led to her spending time working in mental health before joining the team at the lighthouse.

Working with addiction

Kirsty has her own experience in witnessing addiction within her family unit. “Growing up as a child and then into adult years I watched this disease take a grip on my mum. The journey addiction takes a family on is definitely a rollercoaster. When a loved one starts their journey into recovery it is truly lovely to watch. They begin to bloom and that spark in their eye begins to return, giving the addict and family hope for the future” Kirsty is very passionate about her job. “Enjoying the new relationship me and my mum have since she has been in recovery, is something I want all family’s with an addict to be able to have”

Working at the lighthouse

Kirsty joined the lighthouse in 2020. “The team we have here I believe is the strongest team you will find within this field. From the first point of contact to the counsellors,recovery workers , chefs and housekeeping.I am very proud to be working for the lighthouse, every member of the team is there for the clients needs”

Hobbies and interests

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also enjoy the gym. More than anything now I enjoy having a healthy relationship with my mum where we actually spend quality time together as a mum and daughter.