Matthew Reece

Senior Counsellor

Qualifications and experience

Level 4 Integrative Counselling – BACP Gold Standard Accredited Course. Matthew works from a humanistic core integrating Psychodynamic framework. Addiction qualifications include Addiction Counselling and Dialectic Behavioural Therapy, an Evidence based model which helps clients manage cravings, urges and emotional regulation. Matthew has been working in the addiction field since 2015 primarily in residential settings, as a Lead Counsellor. Matthew also spent some time working for a national charity supporting clients and their families impacted by problem gambling.

Working with addiction

Matthews personal experiences of addiction and how addiction effects the individual, families and relationships is his passion for working in this field. “As destructive and upsetting as addiction can be for anyone who comes into contact with it, seeing the dramatic changes possible in a relatively short period of time is something I never tire of. The ability for a human being to heal, change and flourish is something I have personally experienced and seeing others on the same journey is so fulfilling.

Working at the lighthouse

I joined The Lighthouse as it offers a unique experience. The staff create an environment where people feel safe, understood and respected. Unlike many other facilities, The Lighthouse tailors a program to each client, this creates simulating environment for clients and staff.

Hobbies and interests

Exercise has always played a big part of my life It helps with my emotional wellbeing. Cycling and going to the gym are my favourite forms of exercise. Spending time with my wife and walking along the coast enjoying the British countryside is how I usually spend my free-time.