Dry January – How Are you Managing?

Are you giving up alcohol for dry January?

Like many individuals who have over-indulged in drinking excess alcohol over the christmas period, you may well have elected to give up alcohol for dry January.

The purpose of dry january is to detox your body and mind of alcohol and give your system a well earned rest. Going alcohol free for one month offers many benefits.

Benefits of Dry January

Saving Money

After the christmas period many find themselves in debt or short of money. Cutting out alcohol for 1 month can really boost your bank account. You may even want to reward yourself at the end by using the money you have saved from not buying alcohol.

More Energy

Giving up alcohol will boost your energy levels, improve your sleep and enable you to function more efficiently without suffering from hangovers and low blood sugars.

Have Fun Without Alcohol

Stopping alcohol doesn’t mean that you have to stop socializing or having fun. In fact quite the opposite. How many times have you drank only to regret it the next morning? Without alcohol you can have fun, enjoy a night out with friends and not have to pay the price physically, mentally or financially the next morning.

Sleep Better

Evening drinkers often feel that a glass of wine or two helps them sleep at night. Whilst alcohol does reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep, it is counterproductive to a restful nights sleep. Heavy drinking or even moderate drinking has scientifically been proven to interrupt sleep rhythms by suppressing melatonin (the body’s natural chemical that is produced to induce sleep). Whilst you are sleeping your body also has to work to metabolize the alcohol that you have consumed. So whilst alcohol may feel that it is relaxing you, it does in fact have the opposite effect.

Weight Loss

Stopping alcohol assists with weight loss or rather helps prevent unnecessary weight gain. Alcohol is packed with calories and has no nutritional value. A large glass of red wine at 13% alcohol can contain as many as 228 calories. A pint of medium strength lager can contain a similar amount. If you are drinking regularly, even at moderate amounts these calories can soon add up. As a result, you could experience unwanted weight gain.

Better Skin

Quitting the drink will help you maintain your youthful looks. Alcohol is a diuretic and so dehydrates the skin making you look older. Your skin will also be clearer and less prone to breakouts as your immune system works more efficiently and you will not lose collagen as a result of alcohol. Alcohol inhibits the production of collagen which maintains skin’s elasticity.

New Hobbies and Activities

With more money and energy to spare you will have the opportunity to discover other things you enjoy doing aside from drinking. You may decide to join a class, the gym or learn a new skill that brings benefits to your life. You may also enrich your social life by meeting new friends that enjoy the same activities.

Peace of Mind

Excess alcohol and hangovers bring a busy and unfocused mind. One of the main symptoms of a hangover and alcohol withdrawal is anxiety. Alcohol is also a depressant and so can leave you feeling low in mood. By stopping alcohol for a month, you should feel a marked improvement in your mood. Alcohol intoxication also brings poor decision making and increased risk taking, this can leave you feeling full of guilt and regret around your actions whilst drunk.

Struggling to Stop Alcohol?

Dry january wth scored out wine bottleIf you have managed to stop alcohol for a period of time you will have no doubt felt better as a result. If, however, you have found it a struggle to stop or stay alcohol free, despite having the desire to do so, this can be an indication of an alcohol problem or even alcohol addiction, and an alcohol detox, alcohol rehab or, at least, some form of treatment or help will be required.

There are many sources of support and help available if reducing the amount you drink or stopping alcohol is a problem. Your local GP can recommend some local alcohol services and there is also Alcoholics Anonymous for those that find alcohol is costing them more than just money.

Alcohol Help

So, if you need more intensive and specialist help, please call and speak to us.  We have excellent private, residential alcohol rehab facilities. As specialists in treating alcohol addiction, we can help you. We can assist as you give up alcohol and enjoy a better quality of life and peace of mind.

Sources and Help

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