James Bond Drinking Aclcohol-Free Beer?

Bond Has Alcohol-Free Beer in New Movie Promo Advert

James Bond star Daniel Craig has appeared in a promotional video for the new bond film “No Time To Die” . In collaboration with Heineken, 007 is promoting alcohol-free beer.

Has the alcohol-free beer in new advert been shaken and not stirred (bad pun there).

He’s the famous secret agent who could walk into any bar in the world, where the bartender knows him and pours him his favourite drink. Yes, normally a vodka martini – of course shaken, not stirred. However, James Bond seems to be moving with the times and switching from fancy cocktails to drinking a non-alcoholic beer.


Alcohol-free beer is not suitable for all.

Of course, as the UK’s premier drug and alcohol rehab clinic, we caution against drinking alcohol-free beer for those with alcohol misuse issues, as it could lead to consuming alcohol-contained drinks due to the temptation. Plus, we always advise to stay our of places where alcohol is sold, certainly during early recovery.

The advert is product placement, where companies pay for products to appear in movies or TV shows. This is part of a sponsorship deal with Heineken. With the release of the new Bond film and marking Dry January, 007 is changing the habit of a lifetime, by drinking non-alcoholic beer in the new advert.

Advertising tie-in

The Dutch brewery brought out a promotional campaign for Heineken 0.0, the alcohol-free version of its lager. It unveiled a 20-second spot starring Daniel Craig in character as 007. This is the latest product of a marketing relationship between Heineken and the makers of the Bond films. They have been colaborating since mid-nineties culminating with Bond drinking a beer in `Skyfall` in 2012.

Craig 51, featured in an advert entitled “Daniel Craig vs James Bond”, posted on several regional YouTube accounts. It depicts 007, dressed in his classic tuxedo, seated at the bar. The bartender offers him a cocktail called, appropriately enough “the Double O.” Except, he is not interested, pointing to an ice bucket filled with bottles of Heineken 0.0, and saying `I’m working`. Just then the tagline “Now you can while working” appears. This suggests you can enjoy the drink during office hours as it does not contain alcohol.  The tagline appears onscreen as the legendary Bond theme plays.

Naturally, we don’t condone such habits during working hours or any time for that matter.

However, it is a reflection of the times, where people are becoming more aware of the risks of consuming too much and are choosing alcohol-free drinks.

So, is it really such a travesty to see 007 ditch the vodka martinis and order a 0% beer instead? Not at all. Any promotion where famous people (or characters) advocate no alcohol surely can only be good.

Maybe a day when the alcohol epidemic subsides is not mission impossible after all.

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