What is alcoholism?
Who needs to go to alcohol rehab treatment?
Alcohol detox vs Alcohol addiction treatment

What is drug addiction?
Who needs to go to drug rehab treatment?
Drug detox vs drug addiction treatment.

Looking for free addiction advice to help you or a loved one?

Confidential advice about addiction and addiction treatment options from our understanding addiction treatment experts is the starting point to recovery.

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Private Drug & Alcohol Rehab Clinics in Essex and London, UK

From the moment you contact us, we are with you every step of the way. Our team will assist you with our admissions process and can sometimes arrange same-day admissions when we have a space available. Our philosophy is to walk each of our patients who attend our rehabilitation centre or rehab clinic through the addiction treatment process step by step. Every staff member is dedicated to ensuring our drug and alcohol private rehab addiction treatments are effective. 

We provide support throughout your entire recovery journey, starting with complete addiction treatment at our Essex residential rehab centre and commencing with relapse prevention, aftercare and addiction counselling at our London clinic. Our goal is to ensure that you have the tools you need to live a life free from addiction, and we don’t stop caring when you leave our care.

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How it Rehab Admission Works

Get in touch with us

Call us on 0800 170 1222 or complete our contact form. We will then arrange for a member of our compassionate addiction treatment team to call you without any obligation, to answer any questions, and address any concerns you may have.

Pre-admission consultation

We’ll ask some more questions about your individual addiction and circumstances. We know that this can be a difficult step, but we’re here to guide and support you every step of the way.


You’ll be welcomed by our staff at the clinic, where any queries you have will be answered before you begin your treatment.

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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in London and Essex, Rehabs in the UK

Addiction is highly complex, and addiction treatment is no different. We never presume to understand your circumstances and reasons for addiction and know that each person’s experience is unique. At our Essex rehab clinic near London, UK, we will diligently work with our clients to adapt our drug and alcohol rehab treatments to meet individual needs and preferences. We offer detox and rehab for all substances including alcohol, cocaine, heroin, crack and prescription drugs. Call 0800 170 1222 for free advice.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Treatment Programmes

Following an in-depth consultation, most of our clients begin their addiction treatment at our rehabs in the UK with a medically assisted detox. During this period, medical staff are available 24/7 to administer drugs as required to relieve withdrawal symptoms. 

Once you complete your medical detox, we offer a comprehensive range of evidence-based and holistic therapies as part of your bespoke addiction treatment programme. We aim to look beyond the symptoms of addiction and identify the root cause of the problem to find the most effective ways to assist you in resolving them.

As part of our outstanding quality of care, we include a range of healing therapies and outdoor activities. At our private rehab centre, we want to help you to refocus the mind, body, and soul. This may be through walks on the beach, creative endeavours or practising mindfulness and many other long-term solutions to help you live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

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Alongside our personalised addiction treatment and therapy programmes, we offer:


Fully residential rehab London & Essex

24-Hour rehab clinic staff support

Medical alcohol detox in London

Extended family support

Addiction after care support service

Nutritional food cooked 
by our chefs

Medical drug detox in London

Highly experienced team


All clients who attend The Lighthouse for 28 consecutive days have lifetime access to weekly in-house group therapy sessions with a qualified therapist to prevent relapse and help adjust from rehab to everyday life. Like our residential rehab, our addiction aftercare programme is individually designed to support and help our clients to maintain long-lasting recovery. 

We continue working with every one of our clients after they complete their stay at our rehab clinic. We also provide a mentoring scheme as part of our addiction aftercare programme to help you connect with someone who has successfully navigated the recovery journey. They understand your challenges and can offer firsthand knowledge, encouragement, and support as you work towards maintaining sobriety.

What Makes Addiction Treatment at The Lighthouse Residential Rehab Different?

Our private rehab clinic in the UK provides a safe, supportive and comfortable environment to fully benefit from addiction treatment. Alongside supportive and understanding addiction treatment staff, our close knit-team consists of our chef, who provides nutritious meals and fantastic housekeeping assistants and support staff, who ensure the smooth running of our rehab centre. 

Our holistic and person-centred drug and alcohol rehab approach includes both traditional, evidence-based therapies and alternative methods of addiction treatment. Individual choice and autonomy over your participation in addiction treatment are central to our principles, and we want to support everyone ready to begin their journey to recovery. 

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At The Lighthouse, you will be treated as a person with real feelings and emotions and can expect to receive respect throughout your stay. We believe that part of addiction recovery is helping clients heal from their experiences and find ways to honour themselves. Many of our addiction treatment therapists and support staff have overcome addiction and have a genuine understanding of the incredible courage and determination it takes to accept, recognise and seek help for addiction.  

We know that everyone is different, so no single treatment approach can be expected to work for all individuals. Our dedicated team of therapists work hard to adjust each client’s addiction treatment plan according to what’s most relevant to their unique reasons for addiction. At Step by Step Recovery, we want to show you the possibilities of life without addiction and help you learn to live life in a satisfying and enjoyable way. 

Our Testimonials

The Lighthouse saved my life when I’d already given up hope. I’d been in and out of treatment my whole life, but never felt like I was ever getting to the bottom of what was causing my behaviour and why I couldn’t stop. I would sometimes spend so long in rehab that I’d go through the same program two or three times. I remember feeling so relieved in those first few days at the Lighthouse, because I finally felt like I was getting somewhere. Their staff are simply incredible. They created a recovery plan specifically for me, taking into account what I needed. They worked so hard to help me heal after so many years of misery, and it’s because of them that I finally began to make progress in my recovery. Since leaving, I feel like I’ve been given another chance at living a clean and happy life.
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