Daniel Baskerville

Daniel Baskerville

Recovery Worker

Qualifications and experience

Level 2&3 Integrative Counselling NVQ L3 Diploma in health & social care Mental Health First Aid Trainer (MHFA) CIMA PQ

Working with addiction

I discovered recovery only when I absolutely needed to and perhaps more importantly, when there weren’t any other options. It has cost a lot for me and those closest to me to discover that I am not one of these people who can self-medicate pain or discomfort in their lives using substances and not cause harm to themselves or others. I believe that I would have spared myself a lot of turmoil if I had had the Lighthouse experience, 5, 10 or 20 years ago. I absolutely believe that if someone has the desire to change, however slight, then they can use the Lighthouse as a springboard to bring about immense change in their lives. And for me, to be able to experience that change is extremely rewarding.

Working at the lighthouse

I started work at the Lighthouse in March 2022, after previously completing treatment as a client. What I learnt at the lighthouse – from the person-centred therapy provided by the in-house counsellors to the therapeutic value of seeking recovery with fellow clients – was the start of a journey I am very much still on. Immediately following my stay at the Lighthouse, I was fortunate to spend a period in the secondary supportive services, where I was able to further internalise some of the key lessons I had learnt about my addiction. The additional time I took to work on myself led to a reappraisal of my life goals which, in turn, resulted in me leaving my 20-year career in the finance sector and starting afresh in the addiction field. With Danielle and Steve providing me with the opportunity to begin this new journey, at the rehab where it started for me, I have not looked back since.

Hobbies and interests

I am still finding my feet in terms of discovering what I like doing – but I’ve so far narrowed it down to: travel, time with family, weekends with friends, hiking, cinema, tennis, surfing, spending time with my son, study, mindfulness, cooking, skiing, dancing, theatre, windsurfing and reading, city walks and beach holidays.