Karolina Conway - Recovery Worker - Step By Step Recovery

Karolina Conway

Recovery Worker

Qualifications and experience

A diploma in hypnotherapy and introduction to counselling skills and I am working toward a diploma in counselling skills and theory. Prior to coming to England I worked as a primary school teacher.

Working with addiction

As a child, I witnessed lots of lives lost due to addiction and was puzzled why people chose such a poor way to live their life. I ended up in the grip of addiction and today I understand that addiction is not a choice and how much strength it takes to get back to the reality of being sober.

I believe it is an honour to support people at such an important time of their lives. I have worked as a volunteer on the AA helpline for over 3 years.

Working at the lighthouse

My first time at the Lighthouse was as a member of a Fellowship sharing my life story with the clients and I loved the atmosphere. I was impressed by the people who worked here and how they supported the clients to make the most of the chance they had been given.

I am really grateful for the opportunity to work at the Lighthouse, and I find it challenging and meaningful.

Hobbies and interests

I have young children and volunteer at a local school whilst completing my counselling studies.