Laura Gosling

Laura Gosling

Qualifications and experience

Counselling Skills Level 2 – Counselling Theory and Skills Level 3 – Children’s care learning and development Level 3

Working with addiction

I always had an interest in working with addiction having seen first-hand the impact it can have on families and loved ones. I started studying counselling in 2019 with the specific aim of becoming an addiction counsellor. I am a naturally caring person and like to help people. The knowledge and skills I have acquired through my training has made me even more passionate about helping others. It is amazing to see a person transform, and for families to come together again.

Working at the lighthouse

I started working at The Lighthouse 2019. During my time I have learnt so much about addiction and recovery. Also I have gained further insight and understanding into the therapeutic process and just how important this is for our clients. Working at The Lighthouse has given me the opportunity to be part of an innovative team where we empower our clients to find a new way to live.

Hobbies and interests

In my personal time I like to see family and friends. I enjoy going swimming regularly as part of my self- care.