Matthew Reece

Matthew Reece

Clinical Lead

Qualifications and experience

Level 4 Integrative Counselling – BACP Gold Standard Accredited.

I started my professional career working in the financial markets in the city of London before transitioning to a career in counselling in 2014.

I practice as an integrative therapist combining a person-centred approach with a psychodynamic framework along with Dialectical Behavioural Therapy. Since 2014 I have been working with all types of addictions in several residential settings and community services.

Working with addiction

“It is a privilege to witness the courage and desire each person has to change, it is our mission at The Lighthouse to offer an environment where this is possible. Our approach at The Lighthouse is to offer a personalised recovery journey which enables the best possible outcome.”

Whilst a serious and committed therapist, I also try to help individuals once again find humour and meaning in life, something they may have forgotten how to do in recent times.

I have lived experience of addiction and recovery and find that through identification with the consequences of addiction and the challenges faced in recovery, I can offer an approach where understanding and compassion underpins my work.

Working at the lighthouse

The working environment at The Lighthouse is stimulating and rewarding. Every member of the team works together in the best interests of the client. We are constantly challenging each other and challenging the status quo of addiction treatment.

Hobbies and interests

Physical fitness is something that I enjoy and get great benefit from. I enjoy all things cycling- watching, participating, and reading about. I guess I’m a cycling geek! I’ve recently taken the approach of saying yes to opportunities that are presented to me which resulted in spending the weekend in very muddy fields listening to music I’ve never heard before.