Simon Clark - Recovery Worker - Step By Step Recovery

Simon Clark

Recovery Worker

Qualifications and experience

Having worked in the city as a trader I have some financial qualifications which enabled me to use my skills in Hong Kong for a while. I have travelled extensively and gained a level three food and safety in catering. I have worked in other rehabs and been involved in all admissions and detox protocols. I have completed all statutory training in health and social care and started initial training in counselling.

Working with addiction

The importance of me wanting to ‘give back’ and help others cannot be underestimated. There was always someone there to pick me up off my knees and nurse me back to health both physically and mentally -now it is my turn.

I absolutely love sharing my past, where I was and where I am now and giving someone else hope. What used to be my mess has now become my message.

Working at the lighthouse

The first time I walked into the Lighthouse-initially to volunteer it just felt homely and comfortable. Clients were smiling and laughing, which showed me how happy they were to be here and becoming well again.

The staff are all kind and considerate, a lot having been through recovery themselves. They are able to relate so well to what the client is feeling and experiencing, and this may be the first time the client has felt understood.

The Lighthouse really is a shining light in troubled waters. I love working here -I really do.

Hobbies and interests

My life is very simple now really. I go to the gym, love going for walks in nature with my dogs. I love to spend time with my children and look forward to being a grandad one day.

I am working my 12-step programme and have regular contact with my sponsor, who tells me what I need to hear rather than what I want to hear.

I may play golf depending on the weather and I like football – supporting Tottenham obviously!