Stephen Mallion

Finance Director & Co-founder

Qualifications and experience

I spent 20 years working in finance before coming into recovery. I have been in recovery since 2012. The education I received in a rehab facility ignited a passion in me to learn about a condition that had affected me most of life.

Working with addiction

Since working in this environment, I never get tired of watching people come back to life. Through my own experience of both addiction and recovery I am able to understand each individual’s journey. I also use my knowledge of the condition of addiction to reach out to clients and loved ones when they are in a place of despair. I now know that this condition is not about the use of substances, but about each person’s individual coping strategies.

Working at the lighthouse

My vision was to create an environment that I needed when I was struggling in a rehab facility. I understand that addiction is not about substances but about unhealthy coping strategies and low esteem. Once I had been shown the way out, I wanted to share this with as many people as possible. I approached Danielle Byatt (Co-founder) with my ideas, and we had an instant connection and shared the same goal. This was how The Lighthouse started. It was important to us both that we created an ethos where we recognised each person as an individual. Over the years I have been privileged to witness people from all walks of life find recovery. What I have learnt is that it is never to make a change no matter how far we’ve fallen.

Hobbies and interests

Recovery has afforded me the luxury of having an active role in my children’s lives. When I am not with them I enjoy golf and mountain biking.