Ten (Perhaps Obvious) Things To Do To Help Your Recovery

Rehab is not easy but there are things to do to help your recovery.  Recovery is more than just completing rehab, going to fellowship meetings or SMART recovery and/or undertaking the odd meditation. It requires being well at any given point on any given day, in order to cope with the challenges life throws at us. That’s one of the aims of recovery  – living life sober.

So, here are our top ten things to think about – or indeed do – in order to help keep your recovery in top condition:

  1. Eat well – you are what you eat. If you eat healthy and energy-packed foods, it’ll help with fatigue and keep your brain nice and nimble.
  2. Sleep well – there’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep to help mood and keep us healthy. It’s when the body and mind repair themselves.
  3. Connect – keep good company. Sober company to be more precise. People in recovery help each other stay clean, and pass on good tips and identification.
  4. Keep active – not too much to explain here, but focusing on your fitness can help your recovery no end, and help undo all those years of physical abuse we put ourselves through.
  5. Meditate – keeping calm and stress levels to a minimum can only be helpful for our recovery.
  6. Be selfless – doing things for others makes us feel better. And, it’s proven to keep us clean and sober. This doesn’t mean people pleasing of course.
  7. Https://i3. Cpcache. Com/product/192325252/rule_62_alcoholism_saying_mug_300x300. Jpg? Height=300&width=300&qv=90&side=front&filters=[{%22name%22:%22background%22,%22value%22:%22ddddde%22,%22sequence%22:2}]Be gentle on yourself – shame, guilt, embarrasment and all manner of other self flagulation tactics don’t serve us well in recovery. No one asks to be an addict, so please forgive yourself. The past is the past and we can wallow in it, or move forward and get on with building a great new future.
  8. Learn – new skills, new people, new life. Learning helps us grow – and that’s what good recovery is, growth.
  9. Change – self explanatory. Do it a different way. Ask for help. Change your mind. And find a power greater than yourself. Love, that’s a good place to start.
  10. Rule 62 – don’t take yourself too serious. This rule harks back to the days of the development of Alcoholics Anonymous. Recovery is a serious business and if you get it wrong sometimes, don’t be to harsh (refer to number 7 above too!).

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